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Many different organisations undertake research related to bio-energy work in South Ostrobothnia. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Ltd, three universities and the Natural Resource Institute Finland. All undertake research which supports bio-energy production and use. The Natural Resource Institute Finland also produces data on forest productivity and utilisation rate.


Natural Resource Institute Finland

Forest energy is a central research topic for the Natural Resource Institute Finland’s (Luke) Kannus site. Research covers the growth of energy wood, procurement logistics and the harvest,

wood production and environmental effects of energy wood. Connected to this is the development of both intensive production of wood bio-mass and the procurement of raw materials for bio-refining. Research on marsh and slope forests, forest planning and the welfare of furred animals is also conducted at Kannus.    


Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Ltd

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Ltd (SeAMK) is a Finnish multi-disciplinary higher education institution in South Ostrobothnia.


SeAMK’s main functions are: 1) higher education based on work-life, 2) applied research & development and innovation activities integrated to education and work-life, 3) regional development. In addition, 4) adult education is undertaken.


SeAMK has 4,800 students, 380 staff members and many national and international partners. The annual turnover of RDI-activities is about 7 million euros. SeAMK also has local educational and research, development and innovation activities in other South Ostrobothnian cities. SeAMK is regularly audited through an EFQM quality management system.


In 2014 the Food and Agriculture unit had about 1,000 students and about 50 research works. This unit offers B.Sc. and Masters level education. SeAMK has also carried out bio-energy courses for M.Sc. and PhD level students together with the University of Helsinki. SeAMK has also been involved in many bio-energy projects as a partner / coordinator. The Finnish Forest Centre is an important partner for SeAMK. For example, on the Erasmus Multilateral project “Master of Wood Energy – eWOOD” for wood-based energy Masters education.  In addition, Caritro Trento (Italy) financed the BIOMASFOR project from 2009-2012.


Vaasa Energy Institute


University of Tampere


Ruralia Institute


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