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Vocational Adult Education Centre Sedu has a long experience of bio-energy training. The educational institution offers both training leading to a qualification and supplementary training. Since 2010 it has been possible to undertake a Further Qualification in the Bio-energy Sector. It is arranged annually, and regular qualifications are also undertaken on heat production.  Vocational Adult Education Centre Sedu is almost the only provider of this sector training in Finland. That is why students come from far a field to obtain vocational skills and up-to-date training. We also have numerous international contacts and partners. 



Vocational Adult Education Centre Sedu 



Our training contains a broad development of the knowledge of the bio-energy sector. The training is especially suited to those planning to establish bio-energy companies and those who wish to expand their knowledge of the sector. The training is also intended for those who plan to operate, in a small scale, in the further refinement of local energy and workers working in the bio-energy sector. Bio-energy entrepreneurship, the growth of energy trees, harvesting, cost calculations and storage to final use are taught during the course. The educational institution has the goal of providing practical and customer orientated training in co-operation with public authorities, researchers and the sector’s companies. This previous experience of the development of bio-energy sector skills also creates a solid foundation for the training of international heat entrepreneurship.        

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